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Renée began her first novel in the windowsill of a one-bedroom basement apartment her mother cried about and her father rarely saw. She was nine years old. As the steam register clanked, water pipe dripped, and cracked pane howled, she christened her protagonist “Pixie,” bound her pages with Christmas ribbon, and decorated her margins with crayon daisies. She wrote, “Once upon a time,” but stopped to watch the snow swirl up from the gutter and vanish into the gray of the day. Renée began her second novel a few decades later. It has an ending.


An award-winning creative writer, Renée has two decades of professional experience as a journalistic writer, copywriter, and editor.

An expert editor, writing coach, critique provider, and grammarian, Renée can help you achieve your literary goals and creative vision.

In a world set on fire by war, riots in the streets, dreams that cost everything, and rebels who pay the price, is love really all you need?

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