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Joey’s only goal is Elsewhere until she meets Kit—a city boy with a wild spirit, a way with a bra hook, and a stir-crazy motorcycle named Lola. Kit is everything, and then he is gone—to a place no one can pronounce and a war no one can understand. And when he returns, he has new enemies—his wounds, his memories, and his government. But Joey, now an aspiring stage actress, believes love is all they need. She has yet to realize that in a world where cities, draft cards, and bras are burning, dreams as well as tear gas are in the wind . . .

On the frontlines of America’s social revolution of the Vietnam Era, Joey must learn the truth about love, changing times, and dreams.

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Editorial Reviews

“A compelling love story . . . set amidst 1960s protest movements, Take a Left at Tomorrow is eye-opening and filled with powerful reminders of that turbulent, idealistic era.” —Kristen Rabe

Take a Left at Tomorrow is an unforgettable tale. Steeped in what the heart wants, this page-turner is as wise as it is searing. In short, Renée Anduze’s debut novel dazzles.” —Connie May Fowler

“The perfect love letter the world needs today. The writing is luminous, and the characters unforgettable; the true story behind the story is heartbreakingly accurate . . . both timeless and timely, a must read for anyone who longs for a healing story about the redeeming power of love.” —Jacquelin Gorman

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