Take a Left at Tomorrow is an unforgettable tale. Steeped in what the heart wants, this page-turner is as wise as it is searing. In short, Renée Anduze’s debut novel dazzles.”

 —Connie May Fowler, author of A Million Fragile Bones and Before Women Had Wings


“This enchanting love story, set against the dramatic backdrop of the turbulent late sixties, is the perfect love letter the world needs today. The writing is luminous, and the characters unforgettable; the true story behind the story is heartbreakingly accurate . . . both timeless and timely and a must read for anyone who longs for a healing story about the redeeming power of love.”

 —Jacquelin Gorman, author of The Viewing Room, Flannery O’Connor Award Winner for Short Fiction.


A tender, sexy debut filled with the same passionate spark that fuels the love story at its center. Renée Anduze’s captivating novel is for any reader who wants to be transported to another time . . . a moving story of young love and the search for self-acceptance that will captivate your mind while it breaks your heart, a timeless journey you won’t soon forget.”

 —Rachel M. Harper, author of The Other Mother and This Side of Providence


Against the backdrop of the turbulent 1960s, Joey Dean, Renée Anduze’s dramatic and irrepressible heroine, brings a colorful, heart-wrenching story to life . . . An exhilarating work, one that shows not only characters, but also a nation, in all their complexity, with Joey’s journey one of yearning, breakthroughs, and reversals, but ultimately enlightenment, too.”    

 —Roy Hoffman, author of the novel The Promise of the Pelican and nonfiction Alabama Afternoons


“Both a love letter to and an indictment of the United States in the late 1960s Renée Anduze’s beautifully written and poignant novel explores a young woman coming of age, learning to love, and struggling to understand how Vietnam has reshaped herself, her friends, and her country.”

 —Maurice J. O’Sullivan, Ph.D., author/editor of Orange Pulp: Florida Stories of Mayhem, Murder, and MysteryThe Florida Reader: Visions of Paradise


“Renée Anduze’s Take a Left at Tomorrow is a love story about dreams deferred, about balancing aspiration with reality, about reconciling the hopes we have for ourselves with the commitments we make to others . . . A moving, compelling novel, insightfully and energetically told.”

—K. L. Cook, author of Marrying Kind and The Art of Disobedience


“A well-wrought narrative, filled with beautiful language, stunning imagery, and an array of characters right out of the Sixties. If you lived through this dramatic history of our country, you will be impressed with her deft portrayal of the times . . . The chapter on the Woodstock Festival alone is well worth the price of admission.”

 —Lezlie Laws, Ph.D., author of Twelve Doors: Writing for Pleasure, Self-Expression, and Insight